You can go just about anywhere and find fenders....ones made out of plastic, metal or fiberglass. Sure, they’re inexpensive and they work but sometimes, you want something that is more than just “another accessory”


That is what lead you to us, MK fenders. We are just a couple of cyclists who wanted to do things differently. 


How We Started:

Our buddy made some funky fenders out of laminate wood bent around some old tubular rims which were pretty cool but they were flat. 


Always one to take it to the next level, I challenged my brother, a cabinet maker and newbie bike enthusiast, to come up something that would make people stop and stare.


Out of his workshop in NE Iowa, MK Fenders were born. 


Curved, hand shaped and made out of just about any wood imaginable, he tweaked and trialed several fenders until he came up with the ultimate, nearly indestructible fender. Our fenders are not only a thing of beauty but ones you can beat the hell out of thanks to their high-quality epoxy and marine varnish finish.

Heck, we even developed our own unique stainless steel mounting hardware.


Whether you want to deflect water as you troll around on your townie, are touring cross country or you are off the beaten path near a trout stream, our fenders will withstand all sorts of abuse....and don't worry if you have multiple bikes. We've got you covered.


Got an idea? Wanna stand out?
Just the kind of bike geek that likes to customize?
Call us or use our custom order form.

We love a challenge.